Women on Death Row

On November 14, 2022, Taylor Renee Parker became the seventh woman to arrive on Texas’ death row. The 29-year-old Parker was convicted on October 4, 2022, of capital murder by a Bowie County jury. On November 9, 2022, the jury sentenced her to death for the October 2020 murder of Reagan Simmons-Hancock, a 21-year-old pregnant woman whose baby was cut from her womb and eventually died.


“Take her to death row,” Judge John Tidwell instructed the court bailiff after the jury announced its sentence.


In a November 13, 2022, report for Kxan News by Carolyn Roy, Parker was transferred that same day to the women’s death row at the maximum security Mountain View Unit located in Gatesville, where she will await execution along with the six other women on death row. They are:


  • Erica Yvonne Sheppard: 27 years, 7 months on death row. Thirty-nine years of age. 19
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Police Misconduct and Its Staggering Cost to Taxpayers

Police misconduct is the historical scourge of American policing. It raises its head in media from time to time with a horrific incident caught on video, but in reality, it thrives in communities across the country every day.


USAToday in June 2020, published a report that at least 85,000 police officers had been investigated or disciplined for misconduct between 2010 and 2020. 


The report found that some 200,000 incidents of police misconduct were alleged during this same period, resulting in 110,000 internal affairs investigations and the decertification of more than 30,000 police by 44 state law enforcement agencies.


That is not a “problem.” 


That is an epidemic of lawlessness by the very police sworn to protect and serve our communities. The nation has paid more attention to all aspects of police misconduct since the 2020 public murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police (herehere, and here

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Faking Marriage For Immigration Status Is a Federal Crime

It’s easy to get a green card when marriage to a United States citizen is involved, but there is substantial official concern about this aspect of the green card process. Because of this, the penalties for a fake “green card marriage” are severe, and that attracts the attention of media outlets when these kinds of cases occur.


Take, for example, the publicity in a recent case where a woman was sentenced to federal prison for 120 months and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for helping to orchestrate over 40 fake green card marriages.


Before you think of entering into a fake marriage to help someone get a green card, it’s a good idea to understand what consequences you can face for these actions. Read on to find out more about fake marriage and immigration law.


Why Even Bother With a Fake Marriage?


Why does a sham

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Know Your Rights When Under Arrest

An arrest can be a traumatic experience. 


Last year NBC News reported about the arrest of 16-year-old Trevor Lawrence in Washington, D.C. The Black teenager was standing in line in a sandwich shop when two white police officers entered the establishment and ordered him out of the line. Confused, Lawrence asked for an explanation. The officers gave none.


The officers escorted the terrified teenager outside the sandwich shop, placed him in the backseat of a police car, and drove him to another location. There, the officers hauled Lawrence out of the patrol vehicle and made him stand before an elderly white lady.


“Is this the boy that robbed you?” they asked the lady.


“No,” she replied.


Speaking later about the arrest, Lawrence recalled: 

“The fear was crippling. My life was in the hands of someone else. I could go to jail on someone’s word. It shook me to my core.”

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Difference And Comparison

Civil LawCivil legislation is a physique of guidelines that defines and protects the private rights of citizens, presents legal treatments that may be sought in a dispute, and covers areas of law akin to contracts, torts, property and household legislation Civil law is derived from the laws of historical Rome which used doctrines to develop a code that determined how authorized issues can be decided. To explore this concept, think about the following civil regulation definition.

In Asia, many international locations have obtained the civil regulation and have civil codes, resembling Indonesia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, and Lebanon. If an inner link led you right here, you might wish to change the link to level on to the supposed article. Introduction to the Legal System for Family Matters in JP Boyd on Family Law supplies information on the courts of British Columbia, including the kinds of claims heard in each court. To present …

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North Carolina Criminal Law NC Criminal Law

The North Carolina Supreme Court held last week in State v. Diaz-Tomas, ___ N.C. ___, 2022-NCSC-115 (November 4, 2022), that neither a criminal defendant nor the court has the right to compel a district attorney to reinstate criminal charges that were dismissed with leave pursuant to G.S. 15A-932 due to the defendant’s failure to appear. The case arose in Wake County, where the district attorney’s office reportedly would reinstate misdemeanor charges dismissed with leave under G.S. 15A-932 only if the defendant agreed to plead guilty and to waive his or her right to appeal to superior court for trial de novo. As a result, Diaz-Tomas’s only option for ending the indefinite license revocation that was imposed for his failure to appear is to plead guilty to the driving while impaired charges that were dismissed with leave. This post discusses the state supreme court’s analysis and considers how it might

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Defending Yourself Against Embezzlement Charges in TX

, Defending Yourself Against Embezzlement Charges in TXFor those who may be facing embezzlement charges in Texas, you may have a lot of questions.
Primary among those questions are the types of penalties you may face if convicted, and the
best ways to defend against these charges.

As a white collar crime, embezzlement may not seem that serious. However, it’s a crime taken
very seriously in Texas, a position reflected by state law and the penalties associated with a
guilty verdict. Plus, you read about people being charged with embezzlement arather

frequently – and that should tell you what you need to know about how Texas prosecutors view
this crime.

If you face embezzlement charges, read on to learn more about this crime, how it’s penalized,
and the common defenses against it.

Embezzlement: What Is It?

In Texas, embezzlement is the appropriation of the property of another with the intent to
deprive them of it or defraud

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Is Robbing a TX Bank Always a Federal Crime?

, Is Robbing a TX Bank Always a Federal Crime?

Bank robbery is a crime most people are familiar with – not because they’ve perpetrated it, but because
it’s seen so much on television and in movies. In fact, you may think it is a crime that doesn’t occur very
much in modern times, but that assumption would be wrong.

Bank robbery is alive and well in Texas and the United States. In fact, a man who is believed to have
committed a string of bank robberies across several states, including Texas, was just recently sentenced
to 10 years in federal prison for aggravated bank robbery.

How serious is a bank robbery and is it always a federal crime? These are interesting questions, and the
answers are right here.

Bank Robbery in Texas


Bank robbery is generally considered to be the act of attempting to take or take money, property, or
anything valuable from a credit union, savings and loan

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What Is Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process of taking legal action against another person or entity. In a civil case, one party sues another to enforce, change, or recover money for a wrong that has been committed. The process can be very complex, and it is important to hire an experienced attorney to represent you. If you are considering filing a civil lawsuit, read on to learn more about the process. 


Instead of needing to go to court, this process aims to come to a settlement that both parties can accept. In the majority of civil litigation cases, the winning party receives money from the losing party as part of the settlement; however, the losing party may also take some non-financial action as part of the settlement. The settlement can take place during talks or after the trial is over. Both parties have a set amount of time after a trial …

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, you may wonder what your rights are. Whether you were at fault or not, you are likely entitled to compensation for your losses. Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles is a legal duty that drivers have. Failure to stop at a red light can result in a rear-end collision.

Duties and responsibilities of a car accident lawyer

A qualified lawyer can protect your legal rights when you’re in a car accident. During a case, a car accident lawyer Detroit will handle the case from start to finish and use every resource possible to negotiate a fair settlement. In addition to negotiating with insurance companies, a car accident lawyer can also recommend doctors and provide advice on dealing with health insurance companies. First, it is essential to determine the fault. This is important because knowing who is …

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