Why You Need a Security Company to Protect Your Business

We live in a complex world today. People are under a lot of stress and you never know when someone is on the edge. No matter how vigilant we are, we can’t always do our jobs and pay attention to everyone else at the same time. That is a situation for professionals who know how to respond safely and effectively to threats that we may not even see. When you need protection for your business and employees, consider security agency new orleans.

Prevent Loss

Theft is rampant. Sometimes people are so hungry they steal by necessity. Some people don’t see that they are taking money for someone else and see theft as an opportunity for them to get something free then resell it for cash. Others do it for the thrill of getting away with it. Not all loss can be attributed to strangers. Businesses lose approximately $50 billion …

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Avoid Construction Site Pitfalls

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Construction in Iowa and across the country is booming. Infrastructure improvements and building improvements abound with help from government grants and incentives being offered to keep jobs in America’s Heartland. One of the side effects of this construction explosion may be worker fatigue and accidents. With more sites and more workers, there is a higher risk of an injury occurring. Know what some of the causes of injury are so you can stay safe on the clock.


Tearing down old buildings, telephone poles and asphalt results in tons of garbage around the work area. Whether you are in the outdoors or confined to the floor of a structure, leaving waste lying around can be a recipe for disaster. Coworkers may not think to watch every place they step, and inadvertently trip and fall over something left behind. Tools and equipment left about may also be cause for injury to …

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Types of Employment Discrimination

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed the practice of employment discrimination. Businesses, labor organizations, and agencies are prohibited to make hiring and firing decisions based solely on the certain factors. They also cannot legally retaliate against an employee who feels they are the victim of discrimination while on the job. If you have been the victim of unfair hiring practices or on-the-job harassment, an employment discrimination lawyer Orlando flcan tell you your rights. Here are the major protected factors.

Race or Color

While the language may seem antiquated today, the principle is simple: you cannot be denied employment or harassed based on you race or the color of your skin. In the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this was primarily applicable to African-Americans, but it certainly applies to Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Caucasians, and Bi/Multi-Racial people across the board.


It is illegal to be treated differently …

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Custody Issues During a Divorce

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When two people decide to divorce, one of the most difficult issues to settle is custody. You may be surprised, however, that children are not the only problem associated with custody in divorce proceedings. Dogs, cats, turtles, and birds have all been subjects of long legal court battles. When it comes to anything two people can love, they may want to seek custody – especially their child.

Physical Custody

Deciding where the child will live, what school they will attend, and who is best suited to handle the child each day can be a difficult decision. The last thing a parent wants to do while going through a divorce is admit he or she may not be the best option for physical custody of a child he or she loves beyond measure.

Legal Custody

The parent making social, legal, and medical decisions for the child is said to have …

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How Slaves Became Employees.

Law DictionaryIt is often missed that there were two covenant made at Sinai, significantly within the implications of the variations between the 2 of them. The first was based mostly upon His spoken Word to them, with the ten instructions given to them immediately and the remainder spoken to Moses and then delivered verbally to them. The first covenant is contained between chapters 19-24 of the guide of Exodus and the necessities for the Tabernacle and the High Priesthood by Aaron and his sons continues from Chs.25-31, ending with an exhortation to maintain all the Sabbaths and then Moses was given the 2 Sapphire Tablets (Exodus 31:18).

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