Why You Need a Security Company to Protect Your Business

We live in a complex world today. People are under a lot of stress and you never know when someone is on the edge. No matter how vigilant we are, we can’t always do our jobs and pay attention to everyone else at the same time. That is a situation for professionals who know how to respond safely and effectively to threats that we may not even see. When you need protection for your business and employees, consider security agency new orleans.

Prevent Loss

Theft is rampant. Sometimes people are so hungry they steal by necessity. Some people don’t see that they are taking money for someone else and see theft as an opportunity for them to get something free then resell it for cash. Others do it for the thrill of getting away with it. Not all loss can be attributed to strangers. Businesses lose approximately $50 billion every year to employee theft

Discourage Violence

Our workplaces can be a place where we feel safe, surrounded by friends and trusted coworkers. But increasingly in recent years, it has become a place of violence. With undiagnosed or untreated mental health issues on the rise, we never know when something will happen that makes someone think violence at work is the answer. 2 million people experience workplace violence each year. A trained security professional, with the help of workplace counselors, can look for signs of danger and keep it from escalating. In the terrible case of someone attacking employees, having officers on-site with the education and experience to end violence and prevent loss of life is priceless. 

Ensure Safety

Sometimes you just want the public to know that you are paying attention. Think of it like a parent watching a child: the child is less likely to be disobedient when they know their parent is watching. In the same way, people tend to obey rules and act better when they know they are being monitored.