Avoid Construction Site Pitfalls

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Construction in Iowa and across the country is booming. Infrastructure improvements and building improvements abound with help from government grants and incentives being offered to keep jobs in America’s Heartland. One of the side effects of this construction explosion may be worker fatigue and accidents. With more sites and more workers, there is a higher risk of an injury occurring. Know what some of the causes of injury are so you can stay safe on the clock.


Tearing down old buildings, telephone poles and asphalt results in tons of garbage around the work area. Whether you are in the outdoors or confined to the floor of a structure, leaving waste lying around can be a recipe for disaster. Coworkers may not think to watch every place they step, and inadvertently trip and fall over something left behind. Tools and equipment left about may also be cause for injury to another, resulting in an insurance claim under iowa workers compensation law.

Exposed Wiring

Electricity is a dangerous element of any construction job, and not correctly handling wires leads to electrocution. Leaving live wires exposed to the open may not seem like it’s a big deal, especially when people around are also trained in dealing with them. However, if someone walks into an area with live wires who does not know they exist, it may cause a significant work accident leading to severe injury or death. Watch out around wires and make sure no water can conduct the current, spreading it throughout the area to more people.

Unfamiliar Equipment

Operating machinery that you aren’t trained on may not seem like a big deal until an accident happens. Your inexperience may lead to dropping loads of construction material on unsuspecting workers or bystanders. With the number of cranes being utilized around the area, it is imperative only those who are adequately certified operate these, and other construction machinery.

Injuries sustained on construction sites will probably continue to rise unless employers and governmental entities enforce safety standards. These accidents may have serious and long-term consequences for those unfortunate enough to become involved.