Retaining a Lawyer to Pursue Legal Entitlements

When you have been hurt on the job, you may think that you need to pay for your own medical costs and put up with losing a number of days’ wages while you recuperate. You may not be aware that you have legal rights that allow you to pursue compensation from your employer or its insurance company.

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Even if you are aware of your rights, the idea of taking action against your employer may seem like a daunting and frightening task. How can you get your employer’s insurance company to believe you are really hurt and need compensation for your medical bills and lost income? Rather than answer those questions on your own, you can hire a law firm, mediator, or orlando workers compensation attorney who can take legal action on your behalf.

Acting Promptly

After your accident, your employer may not have told you that you have a finite amount of time to take action in your own best interests. You may have thought you had days or weeks to see a doctor and file a claim. In reality, the amount of time you have to take such action may be limited by the state in which you live and work.

Most states give injured workers 72 to 96 hours to seek medical attention for their injuries or illnesses. During this time frame, your employer is obligated by law to cover your medical bills. If you wait longer than three to four days, you may have to pay your medical bills on your own.

When you have a lawyer working for you, you can take timely action and avoid letting the statute of limitations run out on your workers comp opportunities. You may find it best to hire a lawyer immediately after being injured or made ill. The sooner you have one on retainer, the faster you can take legal action against your employer.

A lawyer can be your best ally in your fight for workers compensation. You can find out more about your legal options online today.