Defending Your Home Against Intruders

Preparing your home to be a place you in which you can feel secure may take time and effort. There are several ways that you can use simple, non-lethal mechanisms to your advantage to defend yourself in the moment and make it less likely for a situation to occur in the first place.

Protective Gear

When relaxing in the living room or on the patio, if you believe you hear an intruder you want to keep your body protected while you move around. You may look for a ballistic shield for sale so that you can have something practical and easily accessible stored around your home for shelter from an aggressor.

Active Training

If you prefer a more active role in fighting back against an attacker, you may also consider self-defense lessons. If you are comfortable and confident in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Krav Maga, you will be much more prepared to neutralize an opponent in stressful circumstances if you are attacked.

Electronic Monitoring

You could also install simple alarms around your property in a few methods. You can alert an off-site security service, you can have bright yard lights or sirens which are motion activated, and you can also install cameras around your home which send data to your phone and the cloud.

Basic Security

Perhaps most importantly, you should use common sense to minimize your chances of being a target. Lock your doors and windows and add layers of defenses against open screens and sliding doors. Make sure that your spare key is not hidden in a fake rock or under the flower pot on the front porch. Don’t have valuables easily visible from the street, have your internet password-protected, and make sure your garage door is closed.

With these simple methods, you can be prepared for a frightening situation. You can know that you’ve done the best you can to protect yourself.