Bail Reform Efforts Highlight The Role Good Bond Companies Play in the Criminal Justice System

Few movements of late have taken hold like the bail reform movement. Many are pushing for the end of cash bail for misdemeanor offenses, preferring courts to release people on little more than a promise that they will return. While this movement has played an important role in criminal justice reform as a whole, it’s done something else, too. It has shown the difference between good and bad bond companies. When it comes to bail bonds Union County OH has plenty of both. Good companies are fair to their clients, while bad companies give the industry a black eye.

What’s the difference between good bond companies and thus that hurt the industry? The good ones understand that it is important to be reasonable with clients. Solid bond companies are sometimes willing to do walk-throughs that will allow their clients to bond out as quickly as possible without having to sit in jail for hours on end. The best bond companies will use their computer systems to check for warrants and keep clients updated even before they are arrested. These companies set themselves apart in comparison to bad companies. The bad companies make life harder on clients.

Criminal defense lawyers often get to see the best and worst of bond companies. They will see some bad companies forfeit the bond when a person misses a court date with an excuse. Those lawyers may see bad bond companies treat their clients with disrespect. The differences between the bad companies and the good ones is stark in these instances. Ultimately a good bond company can make life easier on the client and the lawyer alike. This is why the first thing any criminal defense lawyer should do is find a bond company that he or she trusts.

While bond companies have taken some criticism in light of recent movements, good companies are being highlighted. They are standing out from their competitors for their ability to treat clients with respect. These efforts serve as a good reminder that in any industry, there’s likely to be some company doing the right thing.