By looking at the benefits mentioned above, it can be concluded that using the services of a lawyer is relatively cheap compared to the risks that are borne when handled alone. Handling legal cases without knowledge and experience will be fatal and expensive, because there will be a risk of losing our rights and can be entangled / trapped in legal cases that are deeper and protracted

Don’t take risks, leave your legal problems to the experts, you will definitely save more:  Save time, save money, save thoughts and save energy.

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Save time, energy and mind so that daily activities are not disturbed. You just sit back and relax, the lawyer will take care of all your legal issues, such as court proceedings, negotiations, mediation, facing relevant officials, making important legal papers, etc.

Avoid mistakes in making a Letter of Claim , Answer, Replic, Duplication, and evidence as well as things requested by the client in the petitum. Mistakes in carrying out this process can slow down the trial process and can result in self-defeating laws.

Avoid the risk of a judge’s decision that can harm / eliminate our rights . We often do not realize / do not know our rights. With the services of a lawyer, our rights will be explored and fought for correctly, accurately and maximally.

Prevent and overcome arbitrary treatment from opposing parties and law enforcers who deviate.

Lawyers can be mediators / mediators in mediating conflicts with opposing parties so that they can resolve disputes between the parties peacefully and not prolonged.

Together with a lawyer, it will lighten the burden of the mind , creating a feeling of calm, security, prestige and confidence.