24/7 Assistance Getting Out of Jail


When you have been arrested in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or during a holiday break, you may think that you have to wait in jail until the next business day to arrange for your release. It is true that many bail bonds companies only operate during regular business hours. You might wonder if any company in your area offers 24/7 help for people in your situation.

Rather than wait until the next business day to arrange for your release, you might want to get the money faster from your own bank account, friends or relatives, or a bail bond company in Beaver County, PA. You can get ahold of someone from the business anytime day or night so that you can get out of jail in a matter of hours rather than days.

Around-the-clock Help

As you can read on the business’s website, it has someone on call day and night for people in your position. In fact, statistically more people are arrested for offenses like DUIs and assault during the evening and overnight hours than during the daytime. Bail bonds businesses that only operate during the daytime may lose out on money because there are fewer people to help during these hours.

The one that you can call right now has 24/7 availability so someone from the agency can come to the law enforcement center to bail or bond you out regardless of the hour. Once the bail or bond is posted, you could be released to go back home to your family. You would only need to appear in court on your next scheduled hearing or sentencing date.

Sitting in a jail cell for days can be more than you can bear. You may prefer to post bail or bond as soon as that amount is set in your arraignment hearing. Rather than languish for another hour longer, you could secure your release by contacting a bail or bond agent in your city. You can find one that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week by going online today.