The United Arab Emirates Has Unique and Weird Bans

The United Arab Emirates is known as an oil-producing country, decorated with rows of luxury skyscrapers and classy cars. You can find and get various luxurious facilities when visiting this country with a majority Muslim population.
Call it the Burj al-Arab which is a luxury and tallest hotel in the world, Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper tower with three world records, and the luxurious shopping area The Dubai Mall.

Even though it seems more free compared to its sister countries like Saudi Arabia, there are some restrictions in the United Arab Emirates that even if you understand before visiting it. Because if you violate, there is a big fine that will be waiting for you. Anything?

1. Swearing on Social Media

Even though it is not done directly in public, cursing or using harsh words on social media is something that is prohibited by the government in the United Arab Emirates. Using harsh words is considered to humiliate someone’s honor and decency.
This policy also applies to those of you who not only write insults in words, but also emoticons. For example by sending an emoticon with a middle finger, because it is considered to show an indecent gesture. Swearing on social media or sending emoticons that are considered obscene will result in a fine of 250 thousand Dirhams or the equivalent of Rp. 989 million, prison terms and deportation for tourists from abroad.

2. Checking Other People’s Phones

Those of you who have a partner may often check your partner’s cellphone. Maybe just to see your personal photos or maybe just ‘crazy’. But remember, never do this while in the United Arab Emirates.
Even if your partner won’t be angry, checking other people’s cellphones is an illegal act that can cost you a fine of up to 100,000 Dirhams or the equivalent of IDR 395 million, or be jailed for six months.

3. Got a Dirty Car

The United Arab Emirates is frequently hit by sandstorms. Owning and driving a dirty car is considered inappropriate, as it damages the city’s image and public health.
Both tourists and local residents who are found to have a dirty car will be fined 3 thousand Dirhams or the equivalent of Rp. 11 million. In addition, your car will also be confiscated by the local government.

4. Car Wash

Washing a car isn’t actually wrong, it’s just that you have to wash it properly. Never wash your car in a residential area or hire random people to wash your ride.
This activity is considered harmful to the environment and distorts the image of the beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates, because the dirty water used to wash cars pollutes the streets and gutters. Better to take your car to a proper car wash facility, gas station, or around the parking lot at a shopping center.

5. Soliciting Donations or Fundraising

Fundraising for charitable purposes is not easy if you are in the United Arab Emirates. Before doing fundraising, you must submit it officially to Islamic Charity Affairs and Affairs (IACAD).