Qualities To Look for in a Divorce Attorney

When you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences, you both need an attorney you can trust, no matter how amicable your split may be. It’s not wise to pick just any name out of the directory, however. Here are some criteria to use when you are shopping around for divorce lawyers in Gurnee, IL

Experience and Expertise

Competence is key when selecting a lawyer to advocate for you in court. You want to start by vetting attorneys who specialize in family law. They are equipped to navigate the complicated nuances and loopholes of the law as it specifically applies to family matters such as divorce. Listen to what other clients say about their experiences with the lawyers on your list, as this can give you a good feel for how your case may go.

Individualized Focus

You may be tempted to use the same attorney as your spouse, thinking you can save some money and work things out in a friendlier way. Legal experts advise against this, however. No matter how much you care for your soon-to-be-ex, a divorce is inherently adversarial, so you each need your own representative who can support you without a conflict of interest.

Personality Match

Finally, you want to make sure that your attorney is on board with the approach you want to take. If you want an aggressive attorney who will fight to get you the best settlement you can possibly get, you should interview lawyers who are not afraid to stand firm on the terms you want and even go to court if necessary. If you want to compromise and make sure that you and your spouse both get a settlement that you both can agree is fair, seek out attorneys who have significant mediation experience and are committed to resolving your case in the conference room.

Your divorce settlement has the potential to have too much of an effect on your future to leave the details to just anybody. Choosing the right divorce attorney for your needs is important.