Basic Steps Of Applying For A Spouse Visa

Trying to gain entrance into the United States can be a long and difficult process. If you found the love of your life outside of the country, you may be looking for a way to bring your new spouse into the country. The way to do this is by applying for a spouse visa. This is also sometimes referred to as a marriage green card. If you and your spouse speak Spanish, you may be looking to hire a spanish speaking attorney Houston to help you with the process. If you live in Texas, consider the attorneys found at

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Purpose Of Spouse Visa

To obtain an immigrant visa for your spouse, you will need to do one of two things. The two types of immigrant visas pertaining to spouses who live out of the country are the conditional resident spousal visa and the immediate relative spousal visa. The process for each is the same. The only difference between the two types is how long you and your spouse have been married for. If you have been married for more than two years, you will apply for the immediate relative visa. Only United States citizens are able to apply for spouse visas.

Basic Steps Of Filing A Visa Petition

Essentially, most of the steps involved in filing a successful visa petition are proving that your marriage is real and valid. If you are trying to get someone an immigrant visa based on lies, you can get in legal trouble. Your application package is going to include multiple forms to fill out. There will also be fees for filing your application. Proof to validate the marriage is real can be done using things such as joint bank statements, shared billing statements and birth certificates for children you have had together since being married.

These are just the initial steps to take in order to get your spouse an immigrant visa for entry into the United States. After a few years of living here, your spouse will be able to apply for citizenship.