4 Secrets You Probably Never Knew About a Divorce

If you get married in the United States, your chance of staying married for more than seven years is statistically even. Yes, that means 50 percent of those getting married this year will be divorced or filing for divorce in seven years. Even though you may know someone that went through a divorce, here are four secrets you probably never knew about the legal proceedings.

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1. Divorces Can Be Very Expensive

There is much more to a divorce than a few hours in a court room. For a contested divorce Tampa, you can expect depositions, mediation, CPA costs, and numerous other charges on top of your attorney’s fees. The estimate your lawyer gave you for his or her costs was only an estimate.

2. Some Spouses Are Out For Vengeance

Some divorces can become mired in the dirt because one of the parties is seeking vengeance. When this happens, the proceedings can become lengthy, and costs can rise. Not only that, but some very intimate matters about your personal and private relationship can come to light. Vengeance is never a good thing in a divorce.

3. You Should Stay Single Until You Are Divorced

Family law varies from state to state, but one thing that is consistent is that having a relationship before the divorce is final can complicate matters. Your spouse can use any communications between you and your new friend to prove his or her case for child custody or child support. It is best to be safe and wait to begin a new relationship.

4. Sometimes Children Never Get Over Divorce

No matter how hard you try to prepare your children for the split, studies are showing that some children never get over their parent’s divorce. If you believe your children are highly sensitive, consider counseling.

Now you know four of the best kept divorce secrets. Yes, divorces can be messy, expensive, and filled with vengeance. It’s sad, but true.