3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe on Your Run

Although running is one of the most popular ways that people keep in shape, it also can make you an easy target, especially when running on a trail or in sparsely populated areas. Here are some tips to stay safe and secure while you are exercising. 

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Carry Some Pepper Spray

There is a reason many people use pepper spray as their primary weapon for self-defense. It is extremely straightforward and easy to use, as well as compact enough to carry while running, without being obstructive. One well-aimed shot of pepper spray can thwart a potential attacker enough so you have time to escape the threat and contact law enforcement or other authorities if necessary. 

Arm Yourself

If you are a gun enthusiast or prefer to always have a firearm on your person, it may be advantageous to have exercise apparel geared towards that specific purpose. Concealed carry clothing for runners allows you to safely jog while carrying a gun, with the added benefit of the firearm being less noticeable. The element of surprise is a useful advantage when being assaulted, and concealed carry is beneficial in this regard. 

Share Your Running Route

If you are planning to explore a new trail or running route, sending your location to your family or friends can be a safeguard in case of an emergency. For instance, if you were hurt or incapacitated during your run, those close to you could inform the police of your possible whereabouts. Sharing your location through iPhone or Android is a simple step you can take before embarking on your run. 

Many options exist to help keep runners protected while engaging in cardio workouts. With a variety of tactical measures, you are guaranteed to find the right combination for your own personal security, so you can focus on your run without worrying.