Go abroad? Check Immigration Officer Frequently Asked Questions

Etymologically, the terms emigration, immigration, and transmigration both come from Latin which means population movement.

The definition of immigration in short is the movement of people from one country to another. A person who carries out immigration activities is called an immigrant.

This immigration activity is, of course, regulated by legislation that applies to all immigrants or foreign citizens in Indonesia. Even the legislation has provided its own definition of what immigration is.

Economic factors are usually one of the reasons why individuals or groups of individuals carry out immigration activities. Immigrants usually have the idea that by immigrating will open up opportunities to advance their own economic welfare or maybe it can be called looking for sustenance in other people’s countries.

Matters with airport immigration are often something that most people don’t expect. It is undeniable that some people do have an unpleasant experience related to this.

Especially if it turns out that this business is not running smoothly and smoothly. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the immigration process must be followed in every travel plan abroad.

Then, why don’t you try to learn to enjoy this process in an easier and more comfortable way? Preparing to deal with immigration officers is not difficult, if from the start you have a good understanding of what the officer might ask.

Basically, airport immigration officers will ask almost the same questions to everyone who will be traveling abroad, so this is not something that is difficult to overcome.

Even so, some people actually often give inaccurate answers. Instead of finishing smoothly, answers like these can cause problems along the way or even cancel the trip.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the immigration officer’s questions, including the most appropriate answers, so that your travel plans can go smoothly.

As quoted from tudorhouseconsulting.com, these are questions that are often asked by immigration officers at airports when abroad.