Along with the development of increasingly modern dynamics of life, there are also more and more legal problems faced by both individuals and corporations, both in the context of prevention ( preventive ) and in dealing with the complexity of real problems in the field ( repressive ), the services of an advocate/lawyer are inevitable. especially in every issue and problem of life, whether business, family, or the relationship between the individual and the state, all of which are regulated by the rule of law.

For this reason, the services of Lawyers / Advocates and Legal Consultants are a very important part for the development of civilization and increasingly fierce and complex life competition. To meet the need for legal services, several important points are needed before you decide in choosing the right legal services according to the needs of the business reality or legal problems you face. Through this paper we seek to provide an overview of several points that must be considered before you make a choice in choosing legal services , including:

Choose one that has a good track record

One thing that must be considered from the start is the track record of the lawyers/advocates/legal consultants that we will make into a partnership. To find out this track record can be said to be easy and difficult, this is because not all track records of a lawyer can be known easily. Of course a legal consultant will try to show and show the advantages he has and as far as possible try not to show his shortcomings, for example about his career as an advocate, several clients he has helped, as well as about his expertise related to the cases at hand. by potential clients.

You must carefully obtain information about the track record of a legal consultant, because it is almost certain to determine this track record is not easy. For example, in-depth knowledge of personality is required, not only managing partners (authority holders) or team leaders in a law office, but also must know all the skills and characteristics of each person in a law office. Because it is impossible in a law office to only be run by one person, but it requires teamwork that covers each other’s shortcomings and expertise according to the field and scope of the legal problems faced which of course have unique values ​​between problems with one another.

For this reason, our advice, apart from meeting with the prospective legal advisor, is also if necessary to seek information from other neutral persons who do not have a conflict of interest regarding the track and record of the legal office that will be used as partners both in business development and in solving legal problems. you are experiencing.

Find the right membership for the problem you are facing

It is absolutely impossible for anyone to leave something to someone who is not an expert, as well as in terms of looking for a legal expert. What prospective clients need to know is that not all lawyers or legal advisors know or are experts about the legal problems that are / will be and you are facing. This will certainly answer ordinary people who seem to generalize that all Law Scholars are considered experts and understand the whole law that exists or that you are facing. This is certainly not possible, considering that a Bachelor of Law in each lecture is directed at certain fields of law which of course have differences from one another, even though in general all of these legal studies have been followed in lectures while studying at their respective Law Faculties. . To justify this argument, we give an example, for example in every television broadcast as well as in newspapers and other media there are legal experts who specialize in certain laws, for example experts in civil, criminal or constitutional law and so on. Like doctors, there are experts or specialists in skin, heart, obstetrics and so on. As with law graduates, usually in the final semesters, they are directed to expertise courses according to the interests and needs of each student.

Not infrequently, several law offices even establish relationships and collaborate with legal experts at leading universities to anticipate all possible solutions to legal problems that are considered complicated, requiring several legal experts and other experts from various campuses and qualified practitioners. However, it should be noted here that it is not uncommon for several law offices to specialize in handling certain legal issues, meaning that they only handle and take clients in limited cases, for example, only dealing with issues related to family law and so on. If you are looking cheap divorce lawyer in Louisiana, you can use service from

To find out the specialization or field of law that is occupied in a law office, you should really ask for the expertise and handling that is the focus of the law office in question. Usually the law office will try to provide an understanding that the law office he leads handles all legal issues, both criminal, civil, state administration and other legal fields. To anticipate this, find out the field of law that you are engaged in when you are studying in college, both at the time of S1, S2 and S3. In addition, it is not possible to just ask the expertise of the head of the law office, find out what the existing team has expertise in, and ask about the cases he has handled and what the results were.

Prioritize quality

Many people and companies do not understand legal services. Many are also because of the high price and are reluctant to use and use legal services at the law office. Of course not only expensive, but also definitely related to the quality of services provided. Like the proverb we often hear ” there is a price there is an item “. Don’t be afraid of the high price, because the high price is usually directly proportional to the quality of the service provided. Do not often be provoked by cheap prices that in the end you yourself become a victim. Lots of people looking for cheap ones will eventually fall into unsatisfactory service, or even service beyond standards and habits.