What to Do After a Bike Accident

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The majority of us love a good bike ride. We find ourselves riding into the wind and it can be a really freeing experience. We must wear all the protective gear we need because one day it can save our lives. That being said, we understand that accidents on bikes do occur and can happen in an instant. One minute you’re riding quietly and the next you’re on the ground bleeding from your head. It can be scary to say the least and we often don’t know what to do. Here are some things to consider when you have a bike accident.


Getting hit by a car when you are out on a bike ride happens more than we think. It throws us off and soon we find ourselves in a legal battle of what has been done to us. The other party is a car owner who claims they didn’t see you or that you were in a lane that you had no business in. Get ready to hire a lawyer to fight for your interest and protect your rights. It could turn into an entire trial that will drain you for months. You can search online for any bicycle accident lawyer fort lauderdale fl that can come aboard the case fast.


Do you have documentation of what happened to you while riding your bike? What most smart bicyclists have started to do is wear a helmet camera. This captures mostly everything straight ahead of you and sometimes what’s going on around you. This is a genius way to protect your interests as you ride your bike through town and the neighborhood. You will need some kind of documentation to show what happened and how it went down to the lawyer’s liking if trying to sue.


Consider getting bike insurance if you are a frequent bicyclist. It makes no sense to spend almost 90 percent on your bike because you love it, yet you have no insurance to back you up. This insurance needs to cover for bodily harm and whatever you might have to pay out for flipping over that car which now has dents in it. Insurance is key when going to a lawyer and showing what you have paid out or what they won’t pay if you need insurance to cover an incident.

No one has the right answer on what to do after a bike incident. They barely can get focused because the whole thing can be quite jarring. That said, make sure that you find the right kind of lawyer that can help you with your accident. Be ready to provide all documents that are either in video or written form. This can help tremendously, especially if lawyers can see the whole incident in real time. Always make sure you have insurance to cover you if you’re an avid biker. It’s foolish to go without some kind of insurance coverage that protects you if you have a fall or a serious accident.