Foreign Buyers Help Agents Sell More

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Foreign buyers help real estate agents to increase their sales. This is the belief of 49% of Spanish real estate agents followed by the conviction that foreigners help to improve the service they provide to their clients at the time of acquisition of the property (25%). This conclusion is not surprising once we operate in a sector of very rapid change.

The borders of the world were practically abolished and it is certain that you often have contact with foreign buyers. Barcelona, ​​Madrid, the Canary Islands, Ibiza and other areas of Spain seduce foreign buyers. For them there is nothing more beautiful than our coast, our sun, beach, food … in short, many positive things to say about our country and enjoy right? Existing tax advantagesThey are undoubtedly blinking their eye to these customers. You are sure to seduce your foreign buyers on a daily basis with the Spanish salt shaker, however, in the sales process, more is needed. With this new reality that invades us, an adaptation that goes beyond the tools we use in our daily work is necessary. There is all the cultural and linguistic question that worries us daily. In the end, it is necessary to combine a series of external and internal factors in order to sell more, right? In order to give you more, during the months of April and June, we decided to speak with real estate agents and find out what is the importance of foreign buyers in their business and how they approach this market. This study focused on real estate agents around the world and, in the more than 100 responses we got, we can already anticipate that 72% of those surveyed claim to have sold a property to foreign buyers… wowwwwww !!!! We have come to very interesting conclusions and we want you to be the first to access some information. Are we going to look at the results?

Foreign buyers and real estate portals

 All real estate agents when they think of selling a property to a foreign buyer, they think of “how am I going to do it? There are several existing offers in the market at the level of the publication and advertising of their properties, but I am sure that at some time in his career he has already been invaded by needs such as: «what I even needed was to be able to highlight my properties in relation to the other agents «; “I liked to know more about my international buyers”, “I would like to overcome existing linguistic obstacles” among others. The good news is that he is not an alien. In reality, other agents like you ask the same questions every day.

Of the more than 100 responses that we obtained from real estate agents, 34% responded that they seek to highlight their properties in relation to others to sell their properties more quickly. On the other hand, they also look for a space or a way to position themselves as “the agent” through the existence of specific spaces (pages of agents with their photos – 26%). Agents consider it relevant to be informed about their foreign buyers and how to improve their results (20%), and 11% agree to pay to perform better.

What is the importance of foreign buyers for real estate agents?

Agents consider the existence of foreign buyers to be extremely relevant in the development of their activity (83%), with 86% of those surveyed even saying that they often work with foreign buyers, and 43% claim to have had some contact with foreign buyers. last 7 days. On the other hand, and according to 80% of our respondents, international buyers spend more than local ones.

Foreign buyers: What do they buy?

Real estate agents work with foreign buyers and 72% of the agents who responded to our study have already sold a house to a foreign buyer. In Spain only 68% of the agents sold a property to a foreign buyer.

What are the nationalities that buy the most?

According to Spanish real estate agents, those who buy the most in Spain are the English (30%), the French (16%) and the Germans (16%). At the international level, at the top of the big spenders we can find the English (24%), the French (20%), the Germans (11%), the Belgians (9%) and the Chinese (8%). More information about the nationalities of foreign buyers here.

To what extent do international buyers help develop the business?

A basic rule of all businesses is that the more customers, the more sales. Even when you receive a contact from a potential buyer and the property you are looking for is no longer available, you must offer them an alternative! If you don’t already, you should, because even though the product is not available for sale, it is still in your hands.

Foreign buyers play an important role in the sense that, according to real estate agents, they spend more than local ones (80% of international agents are sure that these help them to increase their sales). Check this Buyers Agents Melbourne for more informations.  In Spain, the same conviction is defended by 72% of those surveyed. On the other hand, professionals in the real estate sector are sure that this type of client helps to increase sales (49%), and to provide a better service (25%), since by increasing the exposure of their client’s property, they increase the speed of the sale.