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In the United States an individual can file their personal bankruptcy case without an attorney. But when it comes to corporations and other businesses it is required that they do so with the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Just like what Bankruptcy attorney Staten Island did.

However, in both situations legal advice is strongly recommended. Bankruptcy is a complicated procedure, many times it takes longer than expected, involves the handling and analysis of a large volume of financial documents and there are many people involved with their own interests.

When you decide to represent yourself without a lawyer it is called pro se, this means that he is solely responsible for complying with all the bankruptcy rules. Also, court clerks are not authorized to give you legal advice.

You may be tempted to proceed with bankruptcy without the resources bankruptcy attorneys offer, because the process seems easy, or you want to prevent others from getting into the stressful situation, or because money to cover expenses is tight. .

On the contrary, a lawyer can lessen the worries, because he knows the bankruptcy code and will make the best profit during your bankruptcy process and this in the long term saves money and effort.

There are compelling reasons to seek the advice and assistance of a bankruptcy attorney at any time. An attorney will offer you the following advantages.

Managing the case with the most appropriate strategy. Bankruptcy law is complex. A bankruptcy takes several months from inception to completion. A bankruptcy attorney can help you:

Understand the bankruptcy process, its laws, and types of bankruptcy.

Decide under which chapter you should file for bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, or Chapter 13

Design a strategy to manage your financial information and documents.

Explain the consequences you will have with your taxes.

Decide how to pay your creditors, what to do with your assets, or credit cards.

Understand that some debts cannot be eliminated, such as child support, taxes, home loans, and student loans.

The skill to organize your documents. Bankruptcy requires a large amount of information to be prepared, and specific forms must be filled out and submitted according to an established procedure. A skilled bankruptcy attorney can take care of:

Organize and prepare the necessary documents for the bankruptcy application

Analyze your financial situation, debts and property titles to present them in a professional and understandable way, both to the courts and to your creditors and partners

Follow the different court rules about bankruptcy cases

Get the most out of the bankruptcy process to achieve debt relief.

Protect your interests by avoiding mistakes that delay the case

Protection to avoid harassment from your creditors and collectors. Whether you have started your bankruptcy process with an attorney or by yourself, be aware that debt collectors and creditors will try to request your payments. In these cases an attorney can:

Communicate with your debt collectors to lessen the harassment of phone calls and hassles

Avoid wasting time dealing with conflicts and arguments

Offer you peace of mind during and after bankruptcy

Advise you so that your debts are eliminated during bankruptcy and your credit reports in the future.

Advise you to avoid financial problems.

Help you handle a foreclosure so you don’t lose your home.

Bankruptcy can be a painful process for some people, but it also offers you a fresh start. There are ways to reduce the stress that comes with it, and a lawyer who knows bankruptcy laws in the United States can help you get the best solution by avoiding mistakes, and protecting you before, during, and after the process.

Additionally, attorneys know the financial situation of their clients, and it is very common for them to offer you a free initial consultation or fee payment plan.

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This article is intended to be helpful and informative, but legal matters can be complicated and stressful. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can address your particular legal needs, explain the law, and represent you in court. Take the first step now and contact a local bankruptcy attorney to discuss your particular legal situation.