Honesty is the optimal example of integrity in the workplace. Honesty encourages open communication between employers, employees and co-workers. This leads to effective relationships within an organization. To be successful, companies need to create a culture of honest and ethical behavior in the workplace. Vendors, customers and the public expect to do business with companies that seek to build honest and ethical relationships. Integrity is the quality of honesty and moral principles in a person who is carried out consistently in his life. Creating a culture of honesty and integrity always begins and ends with interactions with others.

Here are some simple tips to help foster a culture of integrity within the company, including:

Build Trust and Respect

Trust and respect are elements of a healthy and positive culture. Polite communication and respect for the thoughts and ideas of coworkers shows that you are a good role model for the organization.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

Open and honest communication is a way to ensure that people know exactly what is going on around them, what needs to be evaluated, and the best way forward.

Follow Company Policy

Policies are designed to guide you in the best way to do your job. If you choose not to follow it or use shortcuts, it can lead to wrong decisions, problems, and bad mistakes that need fixing.

Demonstrate Responsible Behavior

Avoiding personal use of company equipment or resources, completing assignments before deadlines, and showing enthusiasm and commitment to your work are proofs of your integrity.

Work Diligently

This is a very powerful way to demonstrate integrity because it shows that you are responsible for your time. Making personal calls, browsing, chatting, or snacking at the desk are some of the activities that distract a person from working efficiently. Focusing on your job responsibilities will show colleagues, managers and even customers that you have a strong work ethic.

Admit and Learn from Your Mistakes

It’s common for you to make mistakes at work, but you have to admit it without blaming others. This shows that you are responsible enough to admit your mistakes, are willing to correct them, and learn from them.

Become a Role Model

This will be a solid foundation on which you work and what you value most. By setting an example in working with high standards and expectations, you will encourage others to follow suit.