The Problem With Timeshares


Anyone who has ever sat in on a timeshare sales presentation knows that these polished presentations can have an almost hypnotic effect on the audience. The audience for a timeshare presentation is usually a guest at the resort area where the timeshare condo is located and these guests are often also dealing with the intoxication of being at a highly desirable location, on vacation, relaxing and having a marvelous time away from the cares of the “real world.” All of this can make that audience member more receptive than normal to a very polished sales pitch.

The World of Timeshares

Timeshares are attractively styled and presented condominiums usually located in very appealing resort areas like Hawaii or Las Vegas or Palm Desert. These condos are sold to a group of investors who take turns using the property, so they each get a “share” of time to use the getaway. While all of this can sound great on paper, the reality is that there are pitfalls to owning a timeshare, especially if one of the owners decides it’s time to “get rid of my timeshare.”

Though selling off a share in a real estate investment would seem like an easy job, the fact is that many timeshare contracts have been found to have deceptive wording that makes them difficult to sell. This has become such a serious problem that now many people work with legal consultants who specialize in helping clients get rid of their timeshares.

No one should feel stuck in a contract they signed without fulling understanding it. For many owners, timeshare ownership can become an albatross, especially if the owners are unable to use the property often yet are still stuck with high maintenance fees and other costs. If you feel you have been roped into a contract that is worded deceptively, get legal help today, and get rid of the timeshare you just can’t use.