Know Your Rights if You are Injured

An injury can occur anywhere. Most people think of auto accidents or a slip and fall as personal injuries. However, there are many situations that can cause injury, pain, and suffering. If you are injured through no fault of your own, you have rights.

Do Not Delay Treatment

When you are injured in an accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. This provides you with the treatment needed and protects your rights when it comes to seeking compensation. If you delay medical treatment, the insurance company or their lawyers can argue that your injuries occurred later or elsewhere.

Even if you think you are all right, you should be checked. Sometimes, symptoms of injuries do not show up immediately. It could be several hours or days later. For example, symptoms of serious internal injuries may not be experienced for several days. A delay in finding and treating these injuries could be life-threatening.

Seeking Legal Advice

Rather than trying to handle a claim for injuries by yourself, you should seek legal advice. Often, people who are injured in accidents give statements to the insurance companies, and they are used against them. You must remember, the insurance adjusters do not work for you. Signing or giving a statement can harm your right to compensation. Colucci Colucci Marcus & Flavin, PC is one example of a boston personal injury law firm.

You should not try to represent yourself in court either. The legal system is complicated. The average person does not understand all the legal procedures, regulations, and laws that govern personal injury. This increases the risk that they will say or do something to harm their case. Lawyers for insurance companies can be very adept at getting you to say what they want you to say.

You should never accept a quick settlement from the insurance company without consulting a lawyer. Do not sign anything without knowing exactly what you are signing. Knowing your rights when you have been injured is the best chance you have to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, medical costs, and other expenses.