Your Legal Team Is Not Complete Without an Expert Witness


In today’s world, there is constant litigation, whether a risk of it or a realized situation requiring attorneys. However, what many people do not realize is the need to build a roster of diverse talents and backgrounds for these situations.

The United States is the battleground for more lawsuits than anywhere else in the world, hosting an average of 15 million civil cases every year. And while the majority of the world’s lawyers reside in the U.S., oftentimes there is a need for professionals with different experiences in order to secure a victory in the courtroom. That is where an expert witness comes into play.

Types of Expert Witnesses

Many fields have complexities beyond the knowledge of the average judge or juror, especially in disciplines like engineering, medicine, and finance. For example, without a financial expert witness, even the simplest business dispute or contract may be misinterpreted by those with the power to decide the outcome.

In some cases, the law will require an expert to present their background knowledge or interpretation of the event being disputed. Having an expert witness can set your side’s arguments apart from the opposing legal team’s, simply through additional clarity or advanced, applicable knowledge.

Another situation where having an expert witness in your back pocket could be a major boon is when the opposing legal team has an expert witness of their own. Often, professionals with decades of real-world experience in their field will still end up with different experiences and ideas than their peers. For example, going up against a previous employer or business partner, they will almost certainly present their own expert. A financial expert witness backing your claims can make a large impact in the overall ruling of the courts.

Build a Network

With the average American having a high likelihood to get involved in litigation a few times in their life, it is important to build a network that can aid you when that happens. Most people have an attorney but lack the connections with expert witnesses to fully protect themselves in the future.