Bail Bond FAQs

If you’ve never had to deal with the criminal justice system before, navigating the process of obtaining bail or bond can be a little frustrating. That’s where having the right help makes a big difference, but having the right information matters even more. Here are some frequently asked questions by first-time bond clients.

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What’s the Difference Between Bail and Bond?

This is an important starting place. Bail is paid to the court through the jail system to ensure the appearance of a defendant, and after the court appearance, it is returned. Bond, on the other hand, involves hiring a third party to put up the bail. Typically, the cost of the bond is a fraction of the total cost of the bail, but the client does not get their money returned after appearing in court. Instead, the bail bondsman is reimbursed the amount they put up for the bond, and the cost to the client is the fee for the transaction.

Can You Use the Same Bondsman for State and Federal Cases?

The answer to this one is a definitive sometimes. It’s not hard to find someone who does both if you have a reason to believe you or your family might need both, you just have to check the information on the bondsman’s website or call and ask until you find federal bail bonds Beaver County PA.

How Fast Does Bond Work? When Will Release Happen?

Usually, bonds are processed within a few hours to a day after someone calls to request one and provides the information needed to start the process. Of course, they can not be initiated until after the arraignment, and that means someone has to be booked and processed after arrest, then taken before a judge. Depending on the timing, it could be anywhere from a few hours to the rest of a holiday weekend before that happens. Once the bond is accepted by the court or jail, the person who was arrested will be released until they are due in court, and it is the bondsman’s responsibility to ensure that appearance happens.