Challenges of Legal Translation

Legal translation Dubai  is a service provided by an expert person who has deep knowledge in legal terms and practices and high linguistic abilities, as being one of the most difficult types of translation that requires so many specific skills and potentials. The knowledge of legal terminology is not enough for providing accurate legal translation, but also the procedures and intricacies of both local and foreign legal systems as thetarget text must be drafted and structured to follow the legal system of target regionandsuit its legal language and culture.

Translating legal documents such as school certificates, birth certificates, business correspondence, patent forms, financial statements, police records, s is highly critical as the slightest mistakes will involve a complex legal process, regardlessthe time and money losses.

One of the challenges faced by legal translator is that the linguistic structures of the source text might not have direct equivalents in the target language, thus it is the responsibility of the translator to find a suitable language structure that is similar to the source text.

The legal terminology is another challenge for legal translators as each country has its own legal terms and expressions due to their different legal system. The legal terminology of two countries speaking the same language may be different from each other as the case with legal systems of United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Therefore, legal translators must have the hands-on experience and deep knowledge of the legal system of both countries and legal terminologies of both the source and target languages.

Based on the aforesaid, the legal translator should have competency in the writing style of target language, legal terminology and legal systems of both source and target languages. Further, the translator must know where the translation is to be used to determine tone, syntax, phraseology and terminology. If the source language is bad and not highly understood, the translator must decide whether to translate the source text into vague text as original or make it meaningful based on the translators’ understanding and background of the subject matter. Thus, Arabic Legal Translation requires highly qualified translators having the deep knowledge, academic background and long experience of the legal systems of his language pairs.