What Can Happen if You Jump Bail

While most people don’t expect to be arrested, things often happen that are not under your control and you may find yourself or a friend in jail. You may need to get Lancaster County bail bonds to meet the bail the judge set. It’s important to understand what is required and what the consequences are of not meeting those requirements.

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Sign the agreement

Just because you have been released until your next court appearance, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. The release is usually conditional, so it’s important to understand the agreement you made with the court as well as what you agreed to with your bail bondsman. You signed binding contracts with both parties.

Lose Your Money

If you paid the bail yourself and don’t show up for required court appearances, you may not get any of your money back. However, if you make all the court dates and other points in the contract, when the whole thing is over you will get your money back.

Rack Up More Charges

In addition to money, if you simply don’t show up for your court hearings because you think you are innocent, you will still face the criminal charges that have been levied against you. Not going to court means you may have additional charges for jumping bail. Even if you eventually go to court and have the original charges dropped, you will have to deal with the additional charges.

Lose Collateral

If you worked with a bail bondsman, you likely had to put up some collateral for the bulk of the bond. If you skip bail, you will owe that collateral. They will also turn you in to the authorities if they get the chance and might even hire someone to hunt you down. They can sue you and family members for the amounts owed.

These are only a few things that can happen if you decide to jump bail. Honor your agreements and work with the system for the best results.