How To Prevent A Cheating Spouse From Getting Alimony

It is the worse feeling to find out your husband or wife is cheating. Some spouses find it as a deal breaker when their partner is caught in a lie. This unfaithful act may cause you to ask for a divorce. Read on to find out how to prevent a cheating spouse from getting alimony.

Check Your State’s Laws On Alimony

Some states grant alimony when one spouse makes more money or when the spouse does not work at all. This payment is usually temporary unless under strenuous circumstances. The asking spouse also has to prove the need for support. However, you should check your state’s laws on alimony. Some states will not give spousal support to the cheating spouse. It helps to talk to a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL.

Prove Your Case

You have to actually prove that your spouse was cheating. The judge is going to need more than just your testimony. Certain evidence is helpful in proving your case. This evidence includes witness accounts, bank statements, credit card statements, phone recordings and pictures.

Many states do not require you to prove that your spouse had intercourse. You have to prove that your spouse had the opportunity and tendency to commit the act.

Cause of The Divorce

The act of cheating should be the cause of the divorce for this type of alimony case. One spouse cannot forgive the cheating spouse and continue to live with him or her. These circumstances will not ban your spouse from receiving spousal support. The cheating must be the reason for ending the marriage to result in your spouse to not receive alimony.

When going through a divorce, you should be conscious of your emotions. You want to make decisions with a clear mind. If you have children involved, then you should protect them and do not make your children feel responsible for the break up. However, it is a sense of relief to win your case and to get out of the marriage.