Know What To Do When You Get Stopped for a DUI

After a long week of work, you just need time to blow off steam with your friends or at a club – and that is what you decide to do. After a few hours out and a few beers later, you are feeling much less stressed and ready to take on the world after a good night’s sleep. You get into your car and are on the way home when the light you are driving through turns red while you are still in the intersection. You can hear the whooping of the sirens before you are half of a block down the road. As you pull over, you begin to shake your head. This event isn’t helping the stress you just got rid of; it feels like it is all back because you know you are just slightly intoxicated. Here is what you should do when you get stopped for a DUI.

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Stay Calm and Quiet

No matter what the officer says to you, stay calm, and remain quiet. Let the officer do what he or she needs to do but stay out of the way. Remember that anything you say to the officer can be used in court against you, so don’t say anything you don’t have to.

Provide ID and Papers

The officer will ask for insurance information, your ID, and registration. He or she will also ask if the vehicle is yours. Be polite because you never know if the interaction between the two of you is on video or not. If the office begins to ask about other things such as where you are coming from, you don’t need to answer.

Request an Attorney and Call

When you get to the station, and the officers begin throwing questions at you, remember to ask for an attorney – and stop talking. Your DUI attorney Fairfax VA can help you prevent the many negative consequences that can come from a DUI arrest.

Life is meant to be a lesson on behavior and getting arrested can be just that. Working with your attorney to determine what to do next can also be a lesson.