Iowa Workers Compensation – Exempt Employees

If you are an individual who works a manually intensive position, you are likely aware of workers compensation laws in your state. To cover all bases, employers typically go over relevant materials before you begin working to deter injuries from occurring altogether. Even if you are aware of the types of damages that could potentially arise, this does nothing to prevent them entirely. Skilled trades require an incredible amount of expertise, and things can certainly go wrong quickly, even everyone involved follows protocol. While employers never wish for harm to come to employees, injuries are possible depending on the task-at-hand. For the citizens of Iowa, in particular, Iowa workers compensation laws outline what does and does not receive coverage.

Determining Proper Coverage

With worker’s compensation laws, it is essential to understand what qualifies as a work-related injury that receives some form of compensation. Iowa’s Division of Workers’ Compensation created a helpful booklet which clearly outlines each qualifying injury. However, it is important also to read the entire section about worker eligibility. For example, employers need to be careful, allowing family members to attend the place employment. Almost all nuclear family members do not receive any form of coverage for work-related injuries in the state of Iowa, so hiring family members could be out of the question depending on the type of business. Family ties could be strained in these circumstances since the employer would technically not be liable for these injuries at work.

Protecting Law Enforcement

Those who choose to become either police officers or firefighters should receive the utmost praise for performing dangerous tasks. Since both professions are commonly in the line of fire, none of these individuals are eligible for workers compensation in the state of Iowa. If a police officer or firefighter is eligible to receive a pension once retired, this binds them to this law. If you know a police officer or a firefighter, definitely take the time to thank them for services provided the next time you encounter them.