Tips for Staying Safe in the Pool

The temperatures are rising. The eighty degree temps have disappeared, and the numbers are climbing high into the nineties. Running around in the backyard no longer feels desirable. Instead, you’re probably craving a dip the pool. With many states opening amenities back up, this could be a possibility for you to break out, catch some rays and soak in some much needed vitamin D. As you get ready to enjoy some summertime fun, keep the following three tips in mind.

Tips to staying safe while enjoying the warm weather

1. Know Your Surroundings

Accidents can happen quickly, especially around water. It’s a time to be cognizant of where you are. Before you enter a pool, survey the surroundings. Everything should look in good condition. Ladders should be intact. Evenings lights should function. With the environment noted, turn to other points. Do you see life saving equipment such as flotations? Do you see lifeguards? Next, understand the depth of the water, and be aware of the rules for this area. The structure’s upkeep is important in your safety. Negligence could be grounds to contact a personal injury attorney Columbia MD.

2. Establish Behavior Expectations

Don’t hope that kids will act wisely. Before leaving the house, speak with children about how to behave. Discourage roughhousing, diving and running. Set ground rules for what would push the limits and discuss the punishment for when they get out of hand. 

3. Know the Signs of Drowning

It’s tempting to sit with a good book as kids play in the water; however, it’s best to keep your eyes on little ones the entire time. Most people assume a drowning incident is loud with lots of splashing. That isn’t always the case. Understand that it can be silent with someone simply slipping to the bottom. You’ll want to act quickly should this occur, by diving in, pulling the person up and seeking help from the proper authorities. 

Enjoy some fresh air, but be safe. Be firm, clear, and aware.