Pay Attention to Packaging

It may seem simple to throw your product into some cardboard or plastic, slap on a pretty design, and call it a day. However, your product’s packaging impacts more than consumer appeal on a store shelf. You may be liable if you do not comply with governmental regulations for packing. Therefore, you want to seek competent authority approval before you proceed with taking your products to market.

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Common Industries Impacted 

Medical industries must comply with regulations designed to keep drugs chemically stable so that they remain safe for human use after transport. Infectious material must be properly sealed so that it does not harm handlers.

Cleaning products are often harmful to the environment and people if spilled. You want to make sure that extreme temperatures will not cause your product to explode.

Department of Transportation standards provide a minimum set of guidelines to follow to ensure safety. Your company may want to strive for higher standards in consultation with a testing lab. Strict adherence to standards does not protect your company from liability if a product harms someone. Organizations also face public scorn following bad publicity from an environmental damage incident.

Besides U.S. standards, your company may need to comply with standards set by the European Union for international trade. The International Standards Organization (ISO) and ASTM develop standards that governmental bodies may reference in their regulations.

Kinds of Testing

The testing laboratory can recommend the kinds of testing most appropriate for your product. Cutting corners exposes you to lawsuits and fines.

Stress testing exposes your product and packaging to extreme temperatures and pressures. Accelerated aging tests simulates the expected shelf life of your product. Leak detection and seal strength tests make sure that harmful liquids do not seep out.

When developing your product, make sure that you set aside time and funds to test the packaging for compliance with regulations.