Personal Recommendations vs Online Reviews

There are online ratings and recommendations for just about everything these days.  You can look up the best restaurant in a town between leaving home and arriving in old town. You can find detailed reviews of every tourist attraction and shop in a town you’ve never visited without even getting out of bed. However, there are some professions that you really want to get personal recommendations for.

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Everyone should have a lawyer they know they can trust, even if you never need their advice. The thing with lawyers is that there are more specialties than you probably realize, and it’s difficult to know what you’ll need them for. You can find yourself rushing to find someone, anyone to help you draft this important legal document or defend you in that court case. A personal recommendation for a law firm Loudoun County VA or your area will give you peace of mind, more than an online review. 


Personal recommendations for doctors are also incredibly important. Your health is a very personal matter, so beyond professional knowledge, you really need someone whose personality will work with yours. An online review can tell you if someone is a good doctor, but it can’t tell you if they’re a good doctor for you. 


Good contractors are notoriously difficult to find, and because companies often change names or change hands, online reviews can be misleading. A personal recommendation from someone you trust is worth its weight in gold. Often those recommendations are jealously guarded because if you manage to find a good contractor, you want to make sure that they’re available for your jobs first. 

There will always be some areas where a personal recommendation just holds more weight or provides needed nuance. That personal touch cannot easily be replaced by a five star online review.