What is an Alcohol Permit, and How Can You Obtain One?

If you are planning to open a business, you should know what an alcohol permit is and how to obtain it. Alcohol permits are required by law and are used to serve alcohol legally. In most cases, information onĀ how to get an alcohol permit in Dallas TX, and the application form can be found on the Internet. However, some jurisdictions will allow you to submit it in person or by mail. To find out more, contact your local alcohol control agency.

Application process

The Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) board is responsible for managing the state’s liquor license program. The board grants liquor licenses to package retailers, on-premises retailers, managers, and temporary retail locations, such as festivals and non-profit events. However, the process can take several weeks, months, or even years. In the meantime, businesses and organizations in the area can submit objections to the liquor license request.

Getting an alcohol license is an important step for any business. The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control provides helpful information on liquor licenses, including obtaining one. The application for an on-premise retail license costs around $195. In addition, applicants must post a notice in the local newspaper for ten consecutive days and pay a fee. Applicants should also know that ABC conducts a background investigation, including contacting the local government and other business people in the neighborhood.


An alcohol permit allows for your business to sell beer, wine, and cider. In addition to being 21 years old, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien. A separate permit is required for selling alcohol after four in the morning. In many cases, temporary permits can be applied for. 

To apply for a liquor license, visit the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) office. TABC has an online portal that allows you to select different application types and prices. You’ll also need a copy of your lease or deed, if applicable, and the number of gatherings you plan to hold in two years. You’ll need to renew your license every two years.

Requirements for a temporary liquor permit

A temporary liquor permit allows you to sell alcohol for up to 90 days and is renewable every 30 days. It is not automatically disqualified based on previous convictions or criminal histories, but you must take additional steps and disclose any substance abuse history. To avoid any hassles, submit all documents honestly and accurately. You should include the contract of sale and any other documents that prove your compliance with liquor laws.