Using Legal Resources to Stay in the Country

The immigration laws in this country are always changing and evolving. The practices that were in use last year may no longer apply, which could put you at risk of being deported.
Because it can be difficult to know what the current immigration laws are, you may want to retain legal services that can advise and protect you from being deported out of the country. You may want to hire a court mediator, paralegal, or e1 visa lawyer who can help you obtain or renew a visa or green card in order to stay in the country.

Obtaining New Permissions to Be in the U.S.

People who are in the country illegally are always at risk of being deported. They may have no legal basis for staying in the U.S. and could be deported unless they obtain the legal documents needed for temporary residency. Obtaining these documents on your own can be challenging, however. You may not know what paperwork to file. You also may not know how to prove your identity. With a lawyer helping you, you can complete and submit the required documents to the immigration authorities. You can also submit to a background check and prove your identity so the authorities know you are not on a terror watch list or wanted for crimes in other countries.

Renewing Your Visa or Green Card

After you obtain a visa or green card, it is up to you to renew it as required by law. If you fail to renew your documents, you will be in the country illegally and could be deported if you are found. The lawyer can assist you in renewing your visa or green card in plenty of time. This measure allows you to stay in the U.S. and prevents the immigration authorities from sending you back to your home country. Immigration laws are complex and always changing. Rather than memorize them, you can hire a lawyer who can use them to the advantage of your immigration case and also to renew your visa or green card.