Understanding the Duties & Responsibilities of Advocates (Lawyers, Attorneys)

Definition of Duties & Responsibilities of an Advocate (Lawyer, Attorney) |  Exceedingly Good Law

Lawyer, advocate or legal representative is a noun, subject. In practice it is also known as a Legal Consultant. Can mean someone who does or provides advice (advice) and defense “represents” for other people who are related (clients) with the settlement of a legal case. The term lawyer connotes the services of a legal profession that plays a role in a dispute that can be resolved outside or inside a court session. 

in the legal profession, the term procedural law is known which is related to the regulation of procedural law in the Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code. The term lawyer is distinguished from the term Legal Consultant whose activities are more to provide legal consulting services in general. Read about Federal Bureau of Prisons .

Defenses are carried out by lawyers against formal (judicial) and informal (discourse) institutions, or people who are certified to provide legal services, both inside and outside the court. In Indonesia, to be able to become a lawyer, a graduate with a legal university background must take special education and pass a professional examination conducted by a lawyer organization. They are experts in the art of advocacy, which involves presenting cases in court and providing advice on every aspect of litigation.

Advocates receive their work and fees from attorneys, who transfer their clients in cases that go to court. While supporters practice in Scottish courts as members of the Faculty of Advocates, they also have audience rights before the UK Supreme Court and a number of other decision-making bodies such as courts and arbitrations.

Duties & Responsibilities of Advocates

  • Interviewing clients and providing them with expert legal advice
  • Research and prepare cases and present them in court
  • Writing legal documents and preparing written defenses for civil cases
  • Liaison with other professionals such as lawyers
  • Specializing in a particular area of ​​law
  • Representing clients in court, public inquiries, arbitration and courts
  • Questioning witnesses
  • Negotiation

Qualifications and Education Required Advocate

  • Graduate of the Faculty of Law / Postgraduate Law
  • Excellent interpersonal, presentation and written/oral communication skills
  • Ownership of integrity, confidentiality and non-harm manner
  • Confidence, motivation and resilience
  • Legal and commercial awareness
  • Very good management
  • Excellent academic and research skills