How to Hold Your Lawyer Accountable

Whenever problems arise, the majority end up going through legal channels. When we have legal problems, of course you must have a lawyer. There are many lawyers in Indonesia, but not all of them have the quality they should have. However, there are still many great and honest lawyers like Century Law Firm BBB. It’s just that not many people know how to choose a lawyer orĀ  advocate.

The lawyer has expertise in accordance with the legal problems you are facing

It’s a good idea to consult directly with your prospective attorney. It aims to hear firsthand information about their abilities and experiences, as well as to ask for general opinions regarding the legal problems you are facing. Sometimes information about ability and experience alone is not enough to be taken into consideration, but it is also necessary to pay close attention to how well the lawyer responds to the legal issues you convey at the time of the interview so that you feel comfortable in trusting an advocate to handle your legal problems.

It is absolutely impossible for anyone to leave something to someone who is not an expert, as is the case when it comes to finding a legal expert. Not all lawyers or legal advisers are experts on the legal issues you are dealing with. Even though someone has the profession of Advocate with a title that is lined up on the back both in front of his name, but not necessarily able to understand and master all legal knowledge, given the wide context of the existing legal issues, so it is very important to choose a lawyer who has special field expertise on the problems faced., and have experience in the field mastered so that it will certainly be useful in understanding the case in detail and constructively.

Given that the complexity of existing legal issues, many law offices, or existing law firms have now been equipped by several teams and partners who have expertise in different fields, in this case it is useful to anticipate the needs of diverse clients. Not infrequently, several law offices even establish relationships and collaborate with legal experts at several leading universities to anticipate all possible solutions to legal problems that are considered complicated, thus requiring several legal experts and other experts from various campuses and qualified practitioners. However, it should be noted here that it is not uncommon for several law offices to specialize in handling certain legal issues,

Benchmark prices adjusted based on experience

There is no fixed standard regarding attorney’s fees and the honorarium payment scheme may differ from one attorney to another. The honors obtained by the Lawyer must be determined fairly based on the agreement between the Lawyer and his client. Basically, the determination of the rate is based on the lawyer’s own estimate of how much work is done and how difficult the case will be. To find out the cost of this service, of course, you have to ask directly to the attorney concerned. Generally, during the first direct consultation, the amount of the fee will be conveyed to the client. It is highly recommended to ask the lawyer in writing for details of the cost of handling the case. In order to make the flow of case handling clear,

Associated with the cost of attorney services if the client has limited funds, there are costs that can be reduced, such as operational costs. In determining and considering the client’s capabilities, therefore, it is not justified to burden the client with unnecessary costs. In this case the client can help do things that the client can do on their own in order to reduce the cost of attorney services. Things like that can be communicated between lawyers and clients to get around the client’s limited funds.