Tips for Choosing an Accountant for Your Company

7 Factors For Choosing Accounting Software for small business

The Importance of Accountants in a Business

It is an obligation for companies to have an accountant. Because they are the ones who will help make accounting and financial records in your company. The existence of this accountant is very vital, because it will intersect with financial statements and the like. And this also affects the development of your business.

But if you already have accounting software, you don’t actually need to have an accountant, especially for those of you who still have a medium-scale business. However, you can hire an accountant to help you analyze and read reports or transactions entered in accounting software.

Because no matter how good the accounting software used, there still needs to be a touch from the accountant to maximize the existing reports. In addition, the function of an accountant is not only to make financial reports, because they can also act as your advisor in financial matters.

Tips for Choosing an Accounting Firm in Business

1. See What Your Company Needs

These accountants work on existing problems and needs. And the accountants have their own specialists, some are tax savvy, some are general issues, etc. For that you need to first find out what the company’s needs for accountants are. Maybe your company needs an accountant for financial records, or needs a tax accountant, etc.

In this way you can get an accountant that fits the company’s needs. And when selecting or searching later will not waste time.

2. Find out what his abilities are

This accountant will be in direct contact with your company’s finances, meaning you really need an accountant who is truly an expert and experienced in his field. Try to find out what his abilities are, where his experience is and what’s important is  his attitude . Because  this attitude  will affect the way it works.

Don’t focus on highly educated accountants. Because those with higher education are not necessarily experienced and can provide solutions. It is possible that accountants with only D3 graduates are better than those with S1 graduates. Or even those who are only graduates of Accounting Vocational Schools are actually more experienced than those in college.

The point is to find out based on his abilities.

3. Adjust the Cost or Salary

You’ve got some equally good candidates. The final way to choose is to adjust the cost or salary they want. Of course there will be negotiations regarding this salary. But what is certain is to adjust it to the needs and conditions of your company.

It doesn’t mean that the one who offers the low salary is chosen, not necessarily. Surely each accountant will have a ‘value’ that is different from the salary offered.

If there is someone who wants a higher salary, but he can work and has more skills, why not choose that one? The point is everything is adjusted to the needs of the company