Specialized personal injury lawyers for injury victims in Reno

Las Vegas Attorney Richard A. Harris - Founder / Partner

Due to someone else´s negligence, incidentals occur where victims suffer from mild to severe injuries in different scenarios. As result, the wounded start dealing with pain, medical expenses and other situations as direct consequence of the accident. 

For that reason, all the assistance and support injury victims can have in difficult times is critical. Counting on Reno NV personal injury lawyers guarantees receiving the fair amount of financial compensation, as well as other advantages. 

On behalf of capable and experienced attorneys, leveling the field regarding insurance companies will be possible in order to protect the plaintiff and their rights. 

Reno NV personal injury lawyers: Legal support for injury victims 

A dog bite situation, a car accident, a fall happened at work or similar that led to harm where someone else was responsible is considered a personal injury. 

As such, the victim has the right to claim for fair and corresponding compensation, in order to cover medical costs and individual detriment. 

Reno injury victims have at their disposal qualified lawyers at Richard Harris Law Firm, for the purpose of achieving the goal of obtaining maximum compensation and financial recovery. 

By investigating and documenting the real events that occurred, as well as gathering actual valuable evidence a strong case is going to be built. 

Like this, offering the best legal support and outcome will be possible, mandatory in the event insurance companies base the value of injury claims wrong for their convenience. 

This is very common for initial settlements. Relying on personal injury lawyers ensures this will not be the case for Reno residents, especially if a service offered by such a prestigious law firm is hired, as we are.  

Different injury claims Richard Harris Law Firm specializes in 

There are many situations and scenarios in which incidentals occur, having as result a personal injury and future claim. These are some of the case types the firm specializes in to protect and support injury victims in Reno: 

  • Car accidents: one of the most frequent situations in which someone suffers a personal injury where a third party is to blame. Car accidents usually occur when another driver is under influence of alcohol or drugs, traffic signals are missing or maneuvers are performed suddenly. In any case, legal representation for possible injury victims is mandatory. 
  • Work-related injuries: many professions and jobs involve working in risky and dangerous environments. In case of incidentals, ensuring the injury victim´s compensation and financial support is the goal. This is not as simple as it sounds, so having lawyers with expertise in the Nevada work injury law as we do is imperative to prepare a good case. 
  • Motorcycle incidentals: when it comes to motorcycle accidents, insurance companies make sure to take advantage of stereotypes to offer unfair settlements or even have claims denied. This is why; reliable legal assistance is the way to go to guarantee proper coverage and compensation for motorcycle drivers who suffer a crash with no fault.  
  • Slip and fall injuries: tripping or falling may lead to bad injuries. Therefore, legal action can be carried out if negligence in private or commercial properties is proven to be responsible of the incidental. Richard Harris Law Firm attorneys offer support to get fair financial and health coverage. 
  • Dog bite injury: not restraining a dog properly can have very bad results for innocent people, who can get bitten by the animal and get injured. Injury victims in this case have the right to claim compensation according to laws in Nevada. 
  • Wrongful death: an accident may lead to the most fatal consequence possible; death. Our attorneys address the case with the respect and attention it deserves to find answer and justice about the accident that had as result losing a loved one, as hardest time to face particularly due to someone else´s negligent action.