Seeking an Attorney for Wrongful Termination

In most states, including Florida, at-will employment puts quite a few obstacles in the place of employees who want to sue for dismissal. What those employees often fail to realize is that there are limits to what at-will employment allows when it comes to dismissal. While it’s true that under the law, employers can end an arrangement whenever they need to and without having a clear reason they explain, there are also limitations to the reasons they can use to justify the end of employment. That means if the dismissal happens under conditions where the employee is protected or for reasons that involve violating the employee’s civil rights, a wrongful termination case is viable.

How Do You Know if You Have a Case?

Since the law in this area is very complex and the employer’s exact conduct during and preceding the termination are often what is at question, the best way to approach this kind of case is with the help of an attorney. There are many misconceptions about how at-will employment works, some of which are put out by parties with an interest in muddying the water. A wrongful termination attorney Orlando will have the combination of local and state level legal knowledge, as well as workplace civil rights protections and OSHA regulatory oversight requirements, to sort out the issues and help you understand if you have a viable claim. They’ll also be best positioned to negotiate on your behalf with the court and members of the opposition legal team.

How To Move Forward

It starts with a consultation, and from there, the decision to pursue a case or not rests with you. The consultation with an experienced attorney is designed to help you understand both the case you can make and the possible obstacles, including an estimate of the costs and complexity of the claim. From there, the decision is yours.