How To Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

Efficient Hiring Process - Recruiting Tips | TAM

When it comes to hiring new people for your team, how efficient is your process? Often times, applicants find themselves waiting days or weeks just to hear back from an employer, which may leave behind a bad impression of that company and could result in loss of interest or potential employment. Making your process as effective and efficient as possible is important in retaining that applicant base and getting more of them through the hiring process!

Trace Their Social Security Numbers

A common document that is required for hire at most businesses is a social security card. Conducting an ssn trace allows you as an employer to trace not only their immediately available information, but any past aliases or criminal histories that may be attached to those aliases. It’s important to know who exactly is coming onboard to your team, and conducting a more in-depth, accurate trace of their social security number can help alleviate stress and weed out any applicant who may not be qualified.

Shorten the Hiring Process

Usually, applicants do not want to go through several weeks of paperwork, potential hiring classes and back-and-forth to get onboard with a job. Shortening the amount of time it takes for them to actually get hired can actually retain more applicants than if you were to take the hiring process slowly and casually. When people apply for a job, they are hoping to hear back from that employer within a few days, so having a dedicated team of recruiters and hiring managers to answer incoming applications and walk applicants through the process can drastically cut down on the time it takes to get an applicant onto your team.

The hiring process may vary across industries, but one thing never changes: people crave efficiency. By conducting more in-depth traces of background histories and setting up the hiring process to be as quick as possible can create a more efficient environment for you, your current team and your oncoming members.