Here’s Why You Should Always Consult an Attorney for a Traumatic Brain Injury

There’s no such thing as a minor brain injury and, even if you seek treatment immediately, the full extent of your treatment can still go unnoticed. This means you may require more intensive treatment down the road, so accepting an early settlement offer can be a costly mistake. Once you have been medically evaluated and treatment has begun, your second priority should be to consult an experienced attorney.

A brain injury attorney Tampa FL will understand the complexities of a TMI, or traumatic brain injury. Most experienced TMI lawyers work with neurologists, who know what to look for to spot the early signs of brain trauma. A board-certified neurologist will also be able to testify in court, explaining your condition in a way that will make it easy for jury members and the judge to understand.

Even if you don’t think you’ve been injured, it can take awhile for the symptoms of a TMI to manifest. You may feel like yourself, immediately following the accident, but, after a few days or a week, you may begin experiencing the first signs of a TMI. These can include:

  • Extremely painful headaches and eye aches
  • Frequent episodes of dizziness, accompanied by nausea
  • A ringing sound in the ears
  • Loss of mental focus, or inability to concentrate
  • Speech difficulties, including slurred speech
  • An increased feeling of irritation, or heightened aggression

Additionally, you may experience psychological changes, as the result of a TMI. Conditions, such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), occurs as an emotional reaction to the stress of painful memories. Since it’s not a physical condition, it’s more difficult to diagnose. While you may associate this type of condition with soldiers, it can also be caused by auto accidents, sexual assaults, and other physical assaults.

As this brief overview suggests, brain injuries are both complex and difficult to identify. For this reason, signing an early settlement offer can have negative effects for years to come. If the settlement is inadequate to cover your treatment, you’ll have to pay for medical care out of your own pocket. You may also lose your job, or experience an inability to perform the tasks of your career. However, an experienced attorney can help you get a fair settlement that will cover these financial challenges and help you receive the care you need.