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drug possession attorneyAre you looking for an attorney to defend your drug possession charge?

Figuring out which lawyer you should hire for your case is a daunting task, especially if you have no experience with the criminal justice system.

You may have well-meaning people in your life who want to help and throw names at you.

But since it’s your freedom and future on the line, you need to be confident you selected the right attorney.

In Omaha, Tom Petersen is a defense lawyer for drug possession charges who understands the law and uses his experience to put you in the best possible position to win.

Tom has defended over 6,000 clients in various jurisdictions throughout his award-winning career. Many of those undoubtedly have cases similar to yours. 

Questions to Ask A Drug Possession Attorney

You have many lawyers to choose from when looking for a lawyer to defend you on drug possession charges.

Most lawyers will tell you what you want to hear to convince you to hire them. Even after hearing their sales pitch, how can you be sure you’re making the right decision?

Instead of guessing based on what the lawyer says, asking a few pointed questions can help you figure out which attorney can best serve your needs.

We think asking the following questions can help you pick the right person for the job.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

You don’t want a young lawyer who is just learning on the fly when you have a drug possession case.

Nebraska’s drug laws are harsh, and a bad result could negatively impact your future.

Tom opened Petersen Criminal Defense Law in 1995. Since then, he has fought relentlessly to protect the rights of over 6,000 clients.

Tom relies on his vast knowledge of the law and the experience he’s gained to give you the best chance to beat your case.

Who Will Represent Me If I Hire Your Firm?

Many law firms have associate attorneys who do the grunt work while their partner gets the accolades.

You might meet the lawyer whose name is displayed on the door during your first meeting and never see that person again.

At Petersen Criminal Defense Law, Tom meets with each client personally but will not give his file to a young associate.

Instead, Tom dedicates his career to personally representing each client and ensuring the court hears their voices. 

Will You Take My Case Even If I Want to Go to Trial?

Tom understands the risks involved when taking a case to trial.

He will ensure you understand the risks—and the potential rewards—inherent in asking a jury or judge to decide your case.

Ultimately, choosing to take the case to trial or negotiate a resolution short of trial is yours.

However, it would be best if you relied on Tom’s keen judgment and tremendous experience to help you weigh the options and make the right decision.

Defense Centered On Results

Attorney Tom Petersen will not judge you. He won’t lecture you. Instead, he will defend you vigorously.

Call Petersen Criminal Defense Law at 402-235-4962 right away for a free case evaluation. Your future is too valuable to rely on anyone else.

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