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Essential Estate Planning Tasks

Essential Estate Planning Tasks

Estate planning is important for everyone. There are numerous aspects of estate planning, including health care, finances, and guardianship of children. The exact legal requirements for estate planning documents can depend on state laws. Here are some vital steps in the estate planning process.

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1. Creating a Will

As an estate planning lawyer hernando county fl can tell you, a will is a legal document that describes how you want to divide your possessions among your heirs. You can also include other provisions in your will, such as choosing an executor or leaving instructions for the care of your pets. A will can name a guardian for your minor children. You may want to include information about your digital assets in your will. For example, you can give your executor the right to access online bank accounts and tell him or her how to manage your social media accounts.


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4 Secrets You Probably Never Knew About a Divorce

4 Secrets You Probably Never Knew About a Divorce

If you get married in the United States, your chance of staying married for more than seven years is statistically even. Yes, that means 50 percent of those getting married this year will be divorced or filing for divorce in seven years. Even though you may know someone that went through a divorce, here are four secrets you probably never knew about the legal proceedings.

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1. Divorces Can Be Very Expensive

There is much more to a divorce than a few hours in a court room. For a contested divorce Tampa, you can expect depositions, mediation, CPA costs, and numerous other charges on top of your attorney’s fees. The estimate your lawyer gave you for his or her costs was only an estimate.

2. Some Spouses Are Out For Vengeance

Some divorces can become mired in the dirt because one of the parties is seeking vengeance. When this … Read more

The Billable Hours Dilemma

The Billable Hours Dilemma

ParalegalBack when I was an overzealous freshman, I thought a degree in English would help me tremendously in law school. I wanted to improve my writing skills and what better solution to turn into a greater author than by practising it extensively in faculty? I thought of other majors but I realized early on that spending 4 years of my life intensely reading and analyzing books is one thing I wanted to do. I strongly believe that that is how it’s best to feel about your schooling as a result of in case you aren’t remotely curious about what you are learning, then you’re going to have a tough time going to class. Since I didn’t truly go to regulation faculty yet, I cannot say that undergraduate degree helped, although I can say that it’s been incredibly useful in my profession search.

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