Jacksonville & Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyer

Disability LawyerSocial Safety is a government program that was established a few years ago by the Social Safety Act. But for Federal workers and U.S. Postal staff who obtain Federal Disability Retirement advantages, the Federal and Postal worker could make as much as 80% of what one’s former position currently pays, and all of the while proceed to receive the Federal incapacity retirement annuity, and in the meantime, accrue additional years of Federal Service while on Federal Disability Retirement , such that at age 62 , when one’s Federal Incapacity Retirement benefit is recalculated as common retirement”, the time that one was on Federal incapacity retirement counts in direction of the full variety of years of service.

The Browning v. Colvin case highlights the problems that disability legal professionals have with vocational proof in Social Safety hearings. The claimant had extreme impairments leading to an incapability to walk successfully (she required …

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