How Slaves Became Employees.

Law DictionaryIt is often missed that there were two covenant made at Sinai, significantly within the implications of the variations between the 2 of them. The first was based mostly upon His spoken Word to them, with the ten instructions given to them immediately and the remainder spoken to Moses and then delivered verbally to them. The first covenant is contained between chapters 19-24 of the guide of Exodus and the necessities for the Tabernacle and the High Priesthood by Aaron and his sons continues from Chs.25-31, ending with an exhortation to maintain all the Sabbaths and then Moses was given the 2 Sapphire Tablets (Exodus 31:18).

cam8510- Deureronomy 30:three talks about God will deliver them again from captivty and have compassion on them and collect them once more from many countries. the place God had scttered them. This isn’t within the first covenant. Becau It is speaking of the Latter …

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