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Legal Aid SocietyThe United States government claims marijuana use is dangerous and addictive, thus has placed it on the Controlled Substances list as a schedule 1 class drug. This makes the possession and use of marijuana illegal, whereas the more dangerous medication of nicotine in the form of cigarettes and alcohol are legal for personal use. As a private alternative and a medicinal use, marijuana use should be legalized. This will be a utilitarian’s perspective on legalizing marijuana.

Yes, I started filming chemtrails last year, Dec. twenty third. I had already been researching Weather Warfare and Nikola Tesla’s work earlier than that… in order that’s how I acquired the year and 1/3rd! It has been an interesting study! Thanks for stopping by and reading it! I admire your time! For these of you who nonetheless are having a troublesome time understanding that an invisible microwave beam can possibly cause ache or damage to the human body, the upcoming three video segments reveal how highly effective a directed vitality weapon will be.

Just as a taser has the flexibility to induce a coronary heart attack, this sort of remote digital harassment could cause all kinds of well being associated points – and can even cause death. I actually hope that the knowledge that I found will help to bridge a niche for these focused individuals who would not have the time to spend months googling and researching this explicit topic. Directed power weapons are like an invisible taser gun… so it is important to take a look at the consequences of taser guns and how they have an effect on individuals’s health with the intention to perceive the total ramifications of the sort of expertise. The extra analysis that I’ve finished with reference to chemtrails, the extra I notice that the mission of this science is running counter to the legal guidelines of nature, animals, and even human existence. I even have been actually combating the knowledge that I’ve discovered at the backside of the chemtrail research rabbit gap.

There are definitely days once I feel that it could have been higher off to have stayed in a state of total bewilderment, surprise, and perplexity about the matter of chemtrails. The more analysis that I actually have continued to do, the deeper the rabbit gap of knowledge goes. With the above documents , the translation ought to be correct and processed by highly qualified legal translators and interpreters because any mistake in the translation might lead to authorized penalties. This upcoming video with Dr. Robertson goes into the fact that the federal government has had a history of nonconsensual human testing.

Well, as you can simply see by the illustration of the video with the girl and the fly zapper-this is mainly what this expertise is like. However, fairly than having a bodily fly swatter (the place you possibly can see the electric grid), the chemtrails have electromagnetized the very air the place somebody can remotely direct undetectable microwaves at you (the Target) and nearly zap the HELL out of you, without leaving a trace that you have been hit!!! We at the moment are coping with a far more superior remote electronic satellite (and mobile phone tower) weapon system. This can be used remotely (undetectable to the human senses) on targets 24/7 of their private homes, offices, cars, and many others… turning their complete world into a non-stop digital torture chamber.