Washington Metro Sued By Diverse Groups Over Issue

LawsuitAs a Colorado attorney practising within the areas of consumer debt negotiation and settlement and bankruptcy, I often wish my purchasers had come to me sooner for advice or assistance. So, I determined to put in writing this text primarily based on my experiences in client debt settlement negotiations with banks, finance firms and credit card companies.

Please add me to the lawsuit. I went to UoP, and they promised me that I would be able to switch my credit to a regular faculty. No formal school will take my credits, and I am $70,000 in debt from federal scholar loans! Right after commencement I despatched resumes out to all of the nursing homes and assisted dwelling amenities in my city and surrounding cities and at all times obtained turned down for the job. I ended up taking a CNA class and worked as a CNA making 9 or 10 dollars an hour. I was bought on the dream that a single mom may earn a degree, work and preserve my family. I needed to be a positive function model for my kids and promote schooling. Instead AI am nonetheless earning below $50,000 and am ashamed that I was a part of this rip-off. Please help me.

I was also taken advantage of by this university in 2008 by 2010. When requested the amount of the tutoring I obtained Varied Answers and it appeared like most were avoiding the query.I even have tried to offer the 30 credit score hours that I supposedly earned which are like turning gold to woodchips as different institutions see it. I’ve been screwed over I’m quadriplegic not that that should matter however the fact that they might take advantage is despicable. Hi they’ve performed the identical factor to all of us Please add me to this lawsuit! they have had me on Collections for $2200 and are ruining my credit also they’ve the Dept of ED itemizing me in Default please add me @phillipwcrandall37wv@gmail. please assist me!!!!! UOP made me pay $1624.00 or they would ship it in to collections I would like to bring this fraud University down. Can I be a part of and combat on behalf of the scholars? I am a former teacher, and I felt a variety of the practices have been shady.

Send me the information and I will signal my name up on this as well. this University must be delivered to the ground and laid low earlier than different fall sufferer to their greed and villiany. I ended up failing a category. And I withdrew from the university. The teacher I had for the category I failed wasn’t giving me full factors, or credit for the work I did flip in and do which led me to fail. I was set up for failure. i have been having the identical issues/horrors as everybody else for about 2 years now. how do i get extra information about this lawsuit and where do i sign up? Please add me to the list: renecarmen1@. i would like to get some assist here. they’ve ruined my training and price me so much cash and grief. PLEASE let me know the way I can be part of or signal my title to a petition. I wish to see this so called instructional school introduced down. The biggest rip off. The thought of what I owe compared to what I was promised keeps me awake!

I am an Alumni of UOP. I attended for five years and acquired 2 degrees. 1 diploma for my associates in health car administration and 1 diploma for my bachelors in enterprise management- I graduated April 1, 2013; how fitting for this information. Second, I was by no means in a position to attain my Academic Representative. She was purported to be someone I can turn to once I was struggling or wanted help. There came a point where I needed a break as a result of life was an excessive amount of. I had some hardships, and work was taking more time than it ought to have and I was never in a position to reach my educational consultant to let her know this stuff.