Pursuing Benefits After Getting Hurt at Work

Even if you work in a high-risk profession, you may not ever expect to go to work and get hurt on any particular day. It may come as a shock when you do actually suffer an injury on-the-job.

When the injury prevents you from returning to work right away, you have to find someway to safeguard your income and your ability to take care of your family. By hiring an attorney that specializes in workers comp, personal injury law, and third party insurance claims Beaverton OR injured workers like you may be able to pursue compensation and justice to which you are legally entitled.

Establishing Fault for the Accident

Depending on your line of work, it can be a challenge to establish fault for the accident and injury. Your employer most likely will be quick to blame you or one of your coworkers. In reality, the fault may lie directly with the employer itself.

In fact, accusations may fly in the first few days after your injury, which can cloud your own judgment and confuse the facts that surround the case. You need a third-party to get involved and figure out who caused your injury and who should rightfully pay your benefits and compensation.

Your lawyer has the ability to investigate the case as it happened and determine what or who caused your injury. He or she can subpoena testimony from coworkers as well as surveillance tape of the property so that the facts of the case cannot be disputed.

Once this evidence on your behalf is gathered, your attorney can then build a case to take to court if necessary. In many instances, employers will prefer to settle outside of the courtroom. Even accepting a settlement can require the careful attention of your lawyer so he or she can ensure you are protected and cared for now as well as years into the future.

An injury at work can put you out of commission for weeks or months if not entirely. You may need to sort out the facts of the case before pursuing justice. You can get legal counsel to advocate for you by hiring a skilled attorney.