Functions And Duties Of A Tax Consultant You Should Know

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In general, the definition of a tax consultant is a person who provides tax consulting services to taxpayers in order to exercise their rights and fulfill their tax obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations.

Simply put, a tax consultant is a person in charge of helping taxpayers take care of all matters related to taxes. With the existence of a tax consultant, it is hoped that those who use the services of the consultant can carry out their tax obligations properly and feel the benefits of paying taxes.

Tax Consultant Function

Here are the functions of a tax consultant that you should know before using their services.

1. Tax consultants provide guidance to taxpayers and make estimates of taxes to be paid by taxpayers, make fiscal corrections and so on.

2. Help prepare and manage data that will be reported according to tax provisions for a company.

3. Tax consultants can reduce the cost of paying taxes without violating tax rules and regulations.

4. Because taxpayers do not have sufficient time to pay attention to the development of the world of taxation, the service of a tax consultant is in charge of regulating a company’s taxes in accordance with the development of applicable regulations. Tax consultants are also required to provide information to taxpayers about the latest tax regulations.

5. The tax consultant will assist in the event of an examination of the taxpayer, objections from taxpayers and filing of appeals made by taxpayers.

6. By utilizing the services of a tax consultant, you can minimize the risk of errors in the field of taxation.

7. Can reduce the company’s burden, so that the company can focus more on developing its business. By using the services of a tax consultant, the company becomes more efficient.

Many companies have started to use the services of tax consultants in the context of company efficiency. The role of the best tax consultants in Indonesia, both those who market their services conventionally and online tax consultants, is needed in assisting these companies.