Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed Towards Divorce

If you are married and find yourself having issues with your spouse on a regular basis, the idea of a divorce may or may not have crossed your mind. There are many reasons why couples end up leaving their marriages. Below are some of the common signs to look out for that could be an indication of trouble. If you and your spouse decide to separate, look into hiring a reputable Tampa divorce lawyer like the ones found at

Lack Of Gratitude

Small acts of love and kindness are important in relationships. If you begin to notice a lack of appreciation for or from your spouse, it could be a red flag. There is not many other things that can drive a couple to divorce faster than a lack of appreciation and gratitude for each other.

Lack Of Effort

When your spouse stops making an effort in many areas of the relationship, it could be an indication they are not happy anymore. When you notice there are no more small, kind gestures being made regularly such as making their favorite meals, it is a red flag that should not be ignored.

No Accountability

Being accountable in a relationship is essential. It entails being open and honest with yourself and then with your spouse. For a successful marriage, both parties need to take ownership of their shortcomings, failures and flaws. When both spouses start failing to take ownership of these things, it can lead to criticism, finger-pointing and chaos in the relationship.


For most marriages, this is the ultimate form of betrayal. When one or both spouses seek any type of relationship with people other than each other, the relationship will begin to fail quickly. Trust can be lost because of this and will be difficult to get back.

In most marriages, divorce should be the last option. Counselling and working together to try and fix the issues should be a top priority before calling it quits. No one goes into marriage thinking about the day they will get divorced. It should be a last resort when all else fails.